Walk Off The Earth

by Jess and Becky

We are really lucky that over the past 50 years we have had decade after decade of great music. People that are born twenty years after the release date still sing along to Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, and we are still getting great songs released on a weekly basis. No wonder then, that so many people want to do covers of these classics. Now, you get some covers that literally just copy the song completely, but what we are interested in are groups that put a new slant on the songs we know so well.

“Walk Off The Earth” are a group that do exactly that, covering songs in new and innovative ways. Their first major hit was when all five members performed “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye, with all of them playing the one guitar.

Each arrangement brings a new surprise. Their cover of Adele’s “Hello” uses boomwhackers, a beat boxer, a bell and three of them singing. Then Justin Bieber’s “What Do you Mean?” has them using a clock as a rhythmic pulse on a loop pedal, a mouth organ for melodic figures and an accordion to pad out the harmony. There’s even a picture of them playing drums covered in paint! Sounds like a fun group to be in!


Check out the videos below and the website here.