Note names & Intervals

Level; Beginner to Advanced


When you first start learning it can be tricky to remember all those new note names - download this handy poster to help you remember!

Download our Note Name poster!

Note Names

Now you know all the note names you can start exploring INTERVALS!


Understanding intervals doesn’t take too long.


An interval simply means the gap between notes.


For example, the gap between a C and E on the piano is called a 3rd -  one (C), two (D), three (E) notes apart.


But really understanding intervals and to be able to start applying them to things like sight reading, composing, harmony and so many other things takes a little practice! 


So to help you along we have made some handy sheets that break down intervals in an easy way!

Download Your First intervals!

My First Intervals - Beginner

You're doing great! can you get your head round these?

My Third Intervals - Advanced

And, finally, for a little light relief you can watch this nifty video by Django Bates who has written a song all about intervals! 

100 house points to anyone who can learn this for one of our concerts...

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