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Are you thinking of buying a piano?

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with Becky who has helped countless families in BDMA find the perfect piano!

For now read this great guide from Coach House Pianos, a wonderful company and piano retailers that we have worked with for many years.


Need your piano tuning?

Get in touch with Adrian Steele, a fantastic tuner that we've worked with a long time - get in touch and tell him we sent you!

Piano tuner

Need your piano moving?

We recommend a great local company called Matco!

Get in touch today.

Piano Movers


what size instrument should i get?




Click here for some of the best music shops for renting, buying, accessories and help with your instrument...


The Stringzone
Stringers Music
Chimes Music

Ever wondered how to change a string, tune your instrument or how to hold your violin bow?


Let BDMA tutor Grace show you how!


Let brass tutor Clara show you how to clean your trumpet so it is as good as new!

How to clean your trumpet!

WHEN TO START... a woodwind instrument

Download our handy guide on when is the best time to start learning your woodwind instrument.

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When to start... a brass instrument

Download our handy guide on when is the best time to start learning your brass instrument.

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Understanding transposition is an important part of being a brass and woodwind player!

Click the button to read our fantastic guide on transposition!

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Where to buy your reeds...

Clarinet and Saxophone
Reeds Direct...

... is a fantastic place to order good value boxes of clarinet and saxophone reeds – you can also buy in bulk for an even better price. They stock all brands of reeds, the best being Vandoren and Rico. There are also accessories such as neck straps, thumb rest covers and mouthpiece protectors to fit all the different sizes of clarinets and saxophones.

Oboe and Bassoon
Howarths of London...

... is a specialist woodwind shop (and oboe makers) near Baker Street. They stock lots of different oboe and bassoon reeds and you can go to the shop to try them before you buy them.