The Rig

In case you’re not already aware of it, Becky and fellow musician Amy Kelly have been inspiring kids and grown ups everywhere with their innovative, interactive junk percussion installment, The Rig. We are delighted to announce that Becky and Amy have just received confirmation of a grant from Arts Council England to develop four new mini rigs which are wheelchair friendly and suitable for tiny tots. Have a look!IMG_6090-4They have also received funding for an 11 days school tour of schools in Lambeth and Greenwich during May and will also be visiting the children of Great Ormond Street Hospital, which is very exciting news indeed.


The Rig is full of exciting and fun things to discover and sounds to make. Have a look at The Rhythm Rig and The Bells Rig!

The Rhythm Rig IMG_6140-26The Bells, The Bells!! IMG_6162-32If you like what you see and want to discover more, have a watch of these two videos demonstrating different Mini Rigs, the Rhythm Mini Rig and the Tin Can Telephone Mini Rig!