Round up of the Music Education Expo 2014

I was at the Music Education Expo at The Barbican in February 2014 and saw some cool stuff I thought I’d share with you.

First of all here’s a super cool Korg piano I saw. It has 25 patches (sounds) only a couple of octaves and about £250 but how cute!


I also saw some great flute cases by a company called Beaumont, they range from between £20 – £30 and have toughened zips, padded carry handle cases and address tags. The same company also do neck straps for saxophones and cleaning cloths for all instruments.  They also sell great student flutes.

Also check out this webiste www.pianostreet.com A website for pianists, teachers, students and piano enthusiasts.

At the Steinway’s stand, there was this little 7 year old girl who was Grade 8 standard and practiced for three hours everyday. Wow doesn’t cover it! Was a bit speechless!

Grade 8 girl


The pTrumpet and pBone are the latest developments in learning brass instruments. They are lightweight starter trombones and trumpets that are  made of plastic and much easier to maintain and hold. They can take you up to about Grade 3 before you need to switch to a metal version.

I also went to two great seminars, one on using Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to help overcoming your student’s fear of performing, and one about dyslexia and Music. The results of studies now being undertaken are showing that doing music three times a week can massively help with dyslexia as it increases your temporal processing, phonological skills and literacy skills.

I hope you find some of this useful and please feel free to pass onto anyone who is interested in flutes, mini pianos, plastic brass instruments (oxymoron much) and music education.