Freddie playing guitarI often get asked, “How long should I practise for?” and the short answer is, “As long as you need to get better!”

The most important part of practise is doing it regularly. There’s little to be gained from doing a panicked 45 mins before your teacher arrives, much better to do 5 – 10 mins every day! We know that children lead busy lives, but there honestly isn’t much point in doing music lessons if you don’t practise.

  • For a beginner to Grade 1 you should be doing 10 – 20 mins three to four times a week
  • Grade 2 – 3 you should be aiming for 20 – 30 mins three to four times a week
  • Grade 4 – 5 you should be doing 30 – 40 mins four to five times a week
  • Any higher level than that, you should be practising every day

We do understand that it can be hard to make yourself sit down and practise, and sometimes you need your mum and dad’s help to encourage you, so we’ve got some cool sticker reward charts to help you do your weekly practice, please ask one of our tutors for them. Plus we have the best stickers, so you’ll want to do loads of practise and collect as many as possible!

If you think that sounds like too much practise, I’ll leave you with a quote from Ravi Shankar, who was one of the best sitar players in the world (look him up, the dude was amazing). One of his students asked how often he should practise and Ravi replied, “Only on the days you eat.”