Piano lessons are good for you and your brain!

Much of my work as a music teacher involves keeping students interested in lessons. And if there are parents involved, I have to keep them interested, too! Of course I try to keep my piano lessons fun and relevant to each student, but sometimes it takes a little more than that.
I want all my students, especially those that are still young, to come away from my lessons with a greater appreciation for music. Learning to play an instrument and finding joy in playing music does a lot to encourage this, but I also find it helpful to explain the more universal benefits of music education. Music makes you smarter, it’s true. It nurtures parts of the brain that are involved in critical thinking, and instills in you a sense of dedication and perseverance.
Incorporating these added benefits of music education into lessons is vital. I came across this interesting infographic from Encore Music Lessons that explains them all in a fun way. Definitely worth checking out, and maybe printing out and hanging up!
We all know that having piano lessons improves your coordination and focus, but did you know that learning to play piano also makes you more emotionally healthy and reduces the risk of suffering from depression, loneliness and anxiety later in life? I think you’ll agree after taking a look at this amazing infographic that piano lessons really are a great investment for the future of our children, and ourselves!
A massive thank you to Joe Brown, who published this marvellous pool of visual encouragement and exciting statistics.