Patatap – Become your own sound and colour DJ using this free website!

Here at the BDMA we’re always looking out for fun new music apps, websites and creative games to help with learning, or simply for fun! Our brass and piano tutor, Sarah Campbell has found this cool music website – Patatap is a portable sound and animation kit that is compatible with any laptop, smartphone or tablet. Using your keypad or touch screen to activate it, you can experiment with a wide range of sounds and create your own unique beats and melodies while simultaneously creating fun and colourful animations on screen. Why not give it a go at www.patatap.com – it’s completely free and lots of fun!

When we’ve been experimenting at the BDMA HQ, we’ve found that certain parts of the screen are linked to different sounds and colours, it’s not just random sequences. Have fun and let us know if you discover anything else!

photo 1 photo 2 Patatap 1