Nora The Piano Cat

Music is used by people of all walks of life as a creative outlet, as a means of expression and for entertainment. From new born babies napping to Mozart, to the great virtuosos like Paganini stunning audiences all over the world, music is for everybody – but had you ever heard of a musical cat? We hadn’t, until we discovered Nora the Piano Cat.

Nora was adopted from an animal shelter as a kitten, and despite being a right handful, proved herself to be very talented indeed. She used to watch her owner Betsy teach the piano, and one day decided to have a go at playing it herself. Nora soon became a YouTube sensation and was spotted by Lithuanian conductor, composer and artist Mindaugas Piečaitis, who wrote “CATcerto”, a very special piece of music featuring Nora and her talents. The world premiere of CATcerto was performed by Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra in the Klaipėda Concert Hall in Klaipėda (Lithuania) on 5th June, 2009. Have a watch!

So, if Nora can do it, what’s to say your pets can’t? Who knows, you might have an international star kipping in your cat basket.

On another musical animal related note, an abandoned dog found at Glastonbury Festival has been promised a new home with country singer Dolly Parton after it was named in her honor. Read more about Dolly and doggy Dolly here!