New Trinty rock and pop grades

Trinity has once again got its finger on the musical pulse and has launched a new series of rock and pop grades. They were kind enough to send me samples of the Grades initial – 4 for piano, drums, guitar and voice and they are flipping brilliant, I kind of want to have a go doing one myself!

As with traditional grades, the student performs three pieces of notated music (so you’re still reading the dots) but with a backing track. Each piece comes with a page of information and description to get you into the feel of the piece and to give some historical context for the musical genre and historical significance for the piece, alongside traditional Italian terms and performance directions.

There is also the option to substitute your own composition for one of the pieces, and you have a ‘Session Skills’ section were you choose from Playback – a combination of sight-reading and listening to a track, or Improvising, where you get a chord chart and a backing track to play with.

I think this fills an important gap in the grades sector and will cater for those not in the traditional classical sector who are still keen to work through their grades and progress in a graded environment.

More information here: http://trinityrock.trinitycollege.co.uk/