London Jazz Festival 2013

The London Jazz Festival is fast approaching and hits London from 15th to 24th November.  The Jazz festival is entering into its 21st year and there will be loads of cool events taking place right across London.  You can even catch some of these jazz events here in Greenwich!

Claude Deppa, a South African trumpeter, and the Azanian Diaspora Ensemble will be performing on Thursday 21st November at Charlton House. This ensemble combines Afro/Caribbean jazz and the spoken word from Cameroon, Senegal and South Africa. It is a free event so, even if you have not listened too much jazz before, now could be the perfect time to start!

Also the Jazz for Toddlers events being held at the London Artdepot, for kids aged 2-5, show that you are never too young to start appreciating the joys of jazz.