Fantastic Beasts and The Woman of Many Talents…

As if J K Rowling hadn’t already made it abundantly clear that she is an extraordinary woman – a world famous author of one of the biggest book and movie franchises the world has ever seen, generous philanthropist and campaigner and now, it turns out, a composer!
The latest brick in the Harry Potter tower, the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film (which we love by the way) has a speakeasy scene, where a female goblin with a fabulous voice (actually sung by Emmie Joy Green who was discovered online and sung the demo in her childhood bedroom!) sings a song called “Blind Pig”. Turns out our superwoman J K Rowling co-wrote that very song!
Take a listen below and fall in love like we did – my, my it’s catchy!
How many magical creatures do you hear mentioned…?