End of an era…the Jurassic one!

How do you mark the end of a 11 year pupil/tutor relationship..? By dressing up in a T-rex costume and playing Jurassic Park on the piano, of course!

This summer marks the end of 11 years of music making for Becky Dell and piano student Eleanor, who is starting a new adventure at University this September! To celebrate the end of this era they planned a fittingly fun and creative way of waving good bye.

Filmed at the lovely Mycenae House in Greenwich, home of the Becky Dell Music Academy concerts (and run by the lovely Mark and Anna), this video was inspired by the T-rex youtube trend, where people do various wild and wonderful things (in our case a piano recital)- in T-rex costumes! We even did some scenic garden shots which greatly intrigued some visiting children…

We thought you would enjoy it – watch and join us in sending Eleanor lots of BDMA love and luck as she heads off into her bright future!