Dive into BDMA’s Video Series “Tip of The Week” & “Unsung”

Dive into BDMA’s Video Series “Tip of The Week” & “Unsung”

Whether you’re looking for practical tips to improve your musicianship or eager to discover the hidden stories of musical trailblazers, you’re in for a treat with our video series, “Tip of the Week” and “Unsung”!

Tip of the Week

In the “Tip of the Week” series, Becky herself shares her wealth of musical knowledge and insights. Each week, Becky imparts tips, tricks and techniques to help our students refine their musical skills. Becky covers a wide array of topics with enthusiasm and clarity, making complex concepts digestible. 

Here is the playlist to all of Becky’s Top Tips – let them fuel your musical journey and we hope you enjoy!


In this series, Fran takes the reins to explore the untold stories of musical figures who may not have received the recognition they deserve. This series is a celebration of unsung musicians, shedding light on their contributions, struggles, and the impact they’ve had on the musical landscape. Whether it’s an underrated composer, a forgotten jazz virtuoso, or a trailblazing producer, “Unsung” aims to honour and preserve the legacies of these hidden icons with a particular focus on LGBTQ+, indigenous, black and female musicians.

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