Chrome Music Lab

by Becky and Jess

Google is currently taking part in Music In Our Schools month and as part of it have created a website called Chrome Music Lab. The aim of the site is to make music more accessible- hence putting it on the internet! Working together with musicians and computer coders, they have created a site with interactive musical games to learn different elements of music. The games cover musical elements such as rhythm, melody and harmony as well as the science behind sound and pitch. There are also interactive games to learn about sections in detail such as arpeggios and chords.


My favourite games was the Spectrogram! There are buttons to press at the bottom with different instruments on each button. When you press them they play a tune and you watch the sound waves go up and down depending on the pitch. You can also sing into your computer microphone and watch how the waves move as you move your own voice.

There are lots of other games to try and it sounds like they are forever expanding the programme. So go on the website and have a play.