Performance Opportunities

Performance Opportunities

Performance experience and the chance to show an audience what you've been learning is a huge part of your musical training.

Here at BDMA we also know that not everyone is the same.

With that in mind we offer a whole range of performance opportunities that should suit everyone...


Biannual Concerts

We are very proud of the musical diversity our tutors bring to the academy. We have experts in classical, jazz, pop, songwriting, loop pedals, composition, production and more and unsurprisingly that creativity rubs off on our students...

We host a series of Summer Concerts and Christmas Concerts that offers the opportunity for all our students to get an authentic performance experience in the musical world that inspires them the most. We pick themes to help you get those creative juices flowing and welcome performances of all kinds, from duets with your tutor, a family band, a full musical theatre number, your own compositions - whoever you are as a musician, these are the opportunities to show it in a safe and supportive environment!

And at Christmas - of course, there is carol singing!

And there's more..

We are always trying to find ways to grow and evolve as our students do, and this year we hosted a series of extra songwriting workshops and our very first Queer Music Night, where students, parents and tutors celebrated the voices and music of LGBTQIA+ musicians from within and outside of our BDMA community.


All friends and family are invited to our free concerts - the more the merrier.