Band Coaching

Band Coaching

Why learn an instrument if you can’t play with other musicians?

Here at BDMA we know how important, and more importantly, how much fun playing together is…

And so, along with our inspiring, highly experienced tutors, who have toured the UK and the world with bands, we bring you BDMA Band Coaching!

Form your band today!


To be organised with participants in their homes


To be organised with participants at a time that suits them


Three or more participants, any age/skill/instrument

How much:

London£87 + VAT (£104.40) per hour split between all participants

What is band coaching?

Band coaching can take many forms…

We can help you set up a new band, coach you as you write your first original songs or learn covers, help more experienced bands find a new direction and even cover all the basics of chords, rhythm, ensemble and music technology.

We can offer regular or ad hoc coaching sessions to groups of any age. We even have a parent’s and friends band!

How much does it cost?

Prices are £104.40 an hour (£87 + VAT) in London for a minimum of one hour. This is for 4 – 8 people and will rehearse round one of the members houses. Bands that rehearse regularly will be offered a performing slot at the BDMA Concerts.

What if we don’t want regular band coaching?

We also happy run Band Experiences on request!

This is perfect for those who want to enjoy a more intensive band coaching course over 2-4 days during holidays or weekends without committing to regular or ad hoc coaching sessions.   We recommend booking 3 – 4 hours on two or three consecutive days with a 10 – 15 minute performance at the end, ideal for holiday time, or over a weekend during term time.

Who runs the band coaching and Band Experiences?

Band coaching is run by a selection of our inspiring tutors who have the most experience working professionally in bands of all shapes and sizes.

If you have a particular tutor you want to work with (you can have a look at all of their impressive credits on the Tutors Page) then let us know, otherwise we will pair you up with whoever we think is a perfect fit!

Ron, one of our Band Coaches