AquaSonic Waterphone

I came across this really cool instrument recently, it’s called an aquasonic waterphone. Aqua of course means water and sonic means sound. It creates sound with water.

It’s a unique, hard crafted instrument that is made from bronze and stainless steel and looks like this. It was created around 1975 by a dude called Richard Waters.

aquamondoThe water goes in the bottom bit and you play the bars with a violin or cello bow, or hit the bars with your hands or a stick. I’m not going to lie, it’s got a really weird sound. It’s supposed to sound a bit like a humpback whale but it also sounds super creepy and discordant (out of tune). It’s been used many times in movies to create suspense and atmosphere and has appeared on soundtracks such as The Matrix, Poltergeist and Star Trek.

Here is a video of someone playing on, and next time you’re watching a scary movie and hiding behind the sofa, remind yourself that the scary sounds are probably being made by someone playing a piece of metal with a bow!