Amazing Mogees!

We’re always on the hunt for cool new music gadgets, and we’ve recently come across something really amazing – Mogees! Mogees are sticky contact microphones that turn the vibrations of anything they’re attached to into unique and wonderful sounds through your phone. They don’t need any batteries and work with any iOS device with iOS 8.

Mogees on cups

Mogees has their own blog, so everyone can keep up to date with news and events, and have demonstrations – the next one is at The Gadget Show at the NEC in Birmingham from the 7th until the 12th of April. (Quite a journey, but worth it for any tech-savvy musicians!)

Their slogan is “Play the world”, and when you watch the videos, you realise how accurate that slogan is – it appears that anything in the world can create music, from tables and coins to metal fences!

Unfortunately they’re not on sale to the public yet (they’re only available to Kickstarter backers), but we’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for them! Who knows what amazing sounds our every day objects can make?