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For lessons in London:

 Click here to see the Blackheath catchment map and here to see the Greenwich catchment map.

Meg, Blackheath Academy Manager

megella@beckydellmusicacademy.co.uk, 07415 203 831

Louise, Greenwich Academy Manager

louise@beckydellmusicacademy.co.uk, 07503 980 932

Becky Dell, Director

For any other enquiries
becky@beckydellmusicacademy.co.uk,  07889 365 297

For lessons in Manchester:

 Click here to see the MCR catchment area.

Jess, Manchester Manager:

jess@beckydellmusicacademy.co.uk, 07840 243 478


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If you think you are a good fit and would like to join our tutoring family then contact Becky directly at: becky@beckydellmusicacademy.co.uk