Alumni & Student Successes

Student Successes

Our proudest moments come from seeing our students and alumni succeed and fulfil their musical potential so we could help but take the opportunity to share some of this with you. Read about our amazing alumni and students below!

Tilda Hardy

See BDMA student Tilda perfrom jazz standard It's Like Reaching For The Stars with BDMA tutors Joel (drums), Rob (sax) and Twm (double bass)...



Meet Anna...

Here is BDMA Alumni Anna Foley, another one of our lovely longest standing students, talking all about her experiences of exams from her very first to completing her final Grade 7 exam with us with a distinction.


We can't believe how fast they grow up!


MEET Eleanor...

"I was lucky enough to be taught by Becky from the age of 7 and she fostered and encouraged my love of piano music over the 11 years that I continue to learn from her.

She has always made the lessons fun and I enjoyed it so much that, despite being at university now, I still play as much as possible. The most memorable moment has to be making a video together of a T-rex discovering a piano and playing the theme to Jurassic Park, performed and recorded by myself wearing an inflatable dinosaur suit!


"How do you mark the end of something that lasted 11 years?! By dressing up in a T-rex costume and playing Jurassic Park on the piano. Of course.

We had a blast filming it and it is a lovely reminder of our time together! Who said learning piano had to be boring scales?!"


Meet Izzy...

"I really enjoy the saxophone because when you play within a big band or a swing band, which I did a lot when I was in my teenage years…that was really fun! I like playing the piano because I think you can play anything on the piano and you can create a full sound just using the piano. But then, like, with singing, you can perform and get more into it – so, I think I like them all for different reasons.”

“I will definitely go down the songwriting route. I’m not exactly sure what I want to do – I want to try a bit of everything. I want to release some of my own music and see how that goes, I want to write pop music for other people. I also quite like production music for adverts, T.V. shows, for video games especially.”